Social Business Intelligence

Discover, engage and analyze influential connections

Little Bird's social graph analysis focuses on relevant connections inside a community, not just the content people post and popularity they can fake. Our strategic solution guides you toward the future of your industry and helps you engage with it efficiently.
  • Find influencers validated by their peers, on any topic
  • Read just the hottest emerging news in any field
  • Get actionable intelligence for influencer marketing, content marketing and social sales

What people are saying

  • "I had high expectations for Little Bird. Safe to say they have been exceeded."

    Matt Heinz
    President, Heinz Marketing
  • "This is a game changer for social media intelligence."

    Mark Cuban
    Lead Investor
  • "Little Bird might just become a content marketer’s most powerful weapon, because it addresses the practitioner’s three most pressing needs: more content, better content, and wider distribution."

    Joe Chernov
    VP of Content, Hubspot
  • "The social web is full of value and we're going to help you hunt & listen to capture it first."

    Marshall Kirkpatrick
    Little Bird CEO
  • "Little Bird is an extremely valuable tool in the content marketing toolkit. It's an awesome first step in understanding the people, topics and content ecosystem that are influencing your audience."

    Carmen Hill
    Content Strategist at Babcock & Jenkins
  • "Blown away by Little Bird demo! Makes finding Influencers super easy! Powerful for Marketing & Sales."

    Jill Rowley
    Leader in Social Sales

How you can use Little Bird

Research any topic online

Generate influencer lists and resources on any topical community, on demand. Little Bird uses peer-validation to rank people, by analyzing connections people have formed online; it's not a popularity contest for loudmouths. It's more like "9 out of 10 dentists recommend."

Find influencers across the social web

Get a ranked list of hundreds of peer-validated influencers on Twitter and then discover them on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and elsewhere. Whether you're an old pro or new to the social web, Little Bird will point you to the center of valuable conversations in your market.

Discover rich sub-communities

Online thought leaders are your portal into a galaxy of opportunities. Little Bird's many features give you great control over how to engage with conversation online.

Read the cream of the crop

See everything that's hot in your field, as it emerges. Stay informed and take action fast. Great for content marketing, social sales and general savvy.

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